The weather has been a bit crap

Actually, a lot crap.  We have been here 26 days and it’s been warm enough to swim in the lake or river a paltry two of those days.  It’s been incredibly windy (one day over 100 kph) and cold (not getting much above 20C/68F), making fishing and bike riding challenging, sunbathing a non starter and horseback riding unpleasant. During the entire course of a summer normally we might get one or two days of rain, moderate wind and lots of hot days.  So far this year we have been stuck inside more than a half a dozen days. And while the house is generous space wise, I have four children under the age of 14 to keep entertained.  We have made some adjustments.  There has been lots of game and card playing.  On occasion we have (to the delight of the kids) broken the video only after dinner rule and once, in a moment of desperation, I let the kids drive the minivan around in the front field. (with supervision, of course)

Let’s pray, hope, whatever it takes to break this dismal weather pattern.  This is after all our summer vacation!

About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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