O y Mo: This is a photo GM took with cell at 1:45 am and Mo had about 2 more pitches to throw before wrapping up the 2009 World Series

The Yankees are still the best franchise that ever played baseball.  By a lot.  Congratulation Yanks.  And thanks.

Thank you for the best season of baseball I have ever experienced.  While this might not have been the most exceptional group of players to have played together, and maybe not even the best collection of games played, it was magical.  It was magical because Owen, who is at the great age of 9, learned to love baseball and the Yankees.  We all can watch a good game and as a family affair, its hard to beat.  But this season, Owen became extremely knowledgeable and fanatical.  He listened or watched almost every game, preformed a thorough postmortem of every game by studying the box score and watching all the recap video at MLB.com the next morning.  If the Yankees didn’t play that day, he would see if the Red Sox lost.  This season its been a blast to be a Yankee fan and all the more special watching Owen discover what it is all about.

I have a sad little story.  After watching or listening to close to probably 100 games, do you know where I was when the Yankees became World Champions after beating the Phillies in the 6th game ?  I was in a Town Car with three sleeping women heading back to NYC after a day in Connecticut.  Some of them were snoring.  The driver had recently immigrated to the States and wasn’t a fan.  So I listened to the last 2 innings in the car, by myself.

It wasn’t the listening to the radio that bummed me out.  I am a big fan of the Yankee broadcasters John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.  It wasn’t like last innings were super exciting, either.  It was just so anti-climatic to be basically alone when something you have been watching closely unfold for over 6 months, finally reach its ultimate goal.  Alone, I said in a timid voice “Yay!” and had a big smile on my face.  I really wished I had been with GM and the kids.  One consolation was that soon after the last out, our Town Car drove right by Yankee Stadium and I opened the window just in time to hear the din of a happy crowd and the melody New York, New York.

Owen has a shrine in his bookshelves that was recently refurbished with newspaper clippings of the days around the World Series (which I hauled back in my luggage)
He also scored a new hat commemorating the win, and to the right of the Jeter Bobblehead is an official Yankee wrist sweatband

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