Healthy Humpday Snack with Kid Review

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My kids were getting sick of oatmeal everything.  I always use whole wheat flour but I cant pretend that this week’s recipe is healthy.  Again,they are not processed and my nurturing energy has been baked into them, but they are chock full of  butter and sugar.

Regarding this week’s recipe.  Recipe is hyperbole.  Although there are numerous recipes on the internet for this bar, that is how I was inspired, it hardly warrants one.  It is a brownie chocolate chip cookie bar.  Its a brownie that has chocolate chip cookie dough cooked on top.  So make your favorite brownie recipe, bake it for about 10 minutes before slopping approximately 1/2 to 2/3 of a chocolate chip cookie recipe (make buttons and freeze the rest) on top of the semi cooked brownies.  Return it to the oven to finish cooking.  Probably between 30-45 minutes of baking at 350 in a 9×13 baking dish.  They are brookies or chip cookie brownies (we like them gooey), easy to make and require a glass of cold milk.

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Cal is back:  Excellent but could have been better if the brownie was bigger.  I didnt get a really good taste but think it was  a 4 out of 5.

My sad reality.  I am trying to learn how to use my SLR.  I am taking some on line classes and unfortunately for my family I practice by taking pictures of them doing almost anything,the dogs, flowers, and food.  Food turns out  not to be naturally photogenic and is quite temperamental.  I was trying to photograph the brownies and the natural light was crap.  So the photo is not very sharp and doesn’t really do a good job of capturing its very tempting texture.  The photo is not great.

Henry likes to play with the camera and has a very natural instinctive relationship with it.  He screws around with the buttons, has a decent idea about how to use the creative mode settings but doesn’t seem burdened  by them, like me.  He came up with this concept.  He half closed a shade in his room and turn off all the lights, it was late afternoon so there is was some natural light. He left the camera shutter open for seconds and moved the camera around. They are pretty cool.

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