Bed Headed Birthday Boy

Thursday was Cal’s 12th birthday.  Today he is having 4 buddies over for a sleepover.  He is outside making water balloons as we speak.  He is a cutie and will always be a needy, cuddly but wonderfully funny and ironic teddy bear.  I think Cal enjoys his birthday as much as anyone.  Loves being the […]

A Study in Contrast

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Argentina.  Several years ago I wrote about the Argentine version in this post.  It was also GM’s birthday so while it was Mother’s Day,  I couldn’t expect GM to cook his own birthday dinner and make his own birthday cake.  Although I spent quite a bit of yesterday in the […]

Osa’s Photo Shoot

Osa was not happy about the blog entry that featured photos of her son Tevez.  She demanded her own editorial with creative imput.  Here is the result.  It was a late night shoot on her bed/living room couch. Hope you enjoy it.

Cooking with Georgie

This past long weekend we had an asado.  It was a gorgeous spring/summer day and Georgie decided we needed brownies to go with our requisite ice cream.  We combed the internet for a new and interesting twist on brownies and found this recipe that called for peanut butter.  GM returned from his US trip last […]

Swearing in Argentina

This is a post about swearing.  Hence there will  be swear words.  If they are offensive to you, it’s probably not a good idea to read on.  You have been warned. As passionate as Argentines are about food, wine, futbol and family they really come up short when it comes to swearing. After you have […]

Healthy Humpday Snack with Kid Review

My kids were getting sick of oatmeal everything.  I always use whole wheat flour but I cant pretend that this week’s recipe is healthy.  Again,they are not processed and my nurturing energy has been baked into them, but they are chock full of  butter and sugar. Regarding this week’s recipe.  Recipe is hyperbole.  Although there […]

My search for THE lemon bar recipe is over…

I love me some lemon or any citrus based desserts best.  Key Lime Pie is my absolute favorite and its my go to recipe when I want to impress at an asado.  That recipe is for another time, today is the lemon bar recipe which will now be my go to lemon bar recipe.  I […]

Beautiful but Cruel

Every night before I go to bed I have to check Owen’s blood sugar, he is a diabetic.  I then visit the other three.  I suppose I do it to check and make sure they are safe in their beds.  But I also like to remember them this way, totally relaxed and soft and peaceful.  […]


He is as dumb as a brick.  But he is sweet, attentive, loving and lovable and as you can see, beautiful.  He is also hopelessly devoted to his nutjob of a mom.  What is not to love?

Who is Lonny, by the way?

In the corner of the blogsphere known as Homedesignland there was a party yesterday.  It was a coming out party for a new on-line magazine called Lonny.  Its been a tough year for print media and an especially tough one in the world of “shelter” magazines.  So the launch of Lonny by several Domino alums […]