Primavera and flowers

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There are few things that make me has happy as flowers and fresh flowers in my house make me just plain giddy.  Today I went to La Casita (the local florist on the train tracks in my village) for flowers.  I was ecstatic to find that spring flowers were in the mix. For the last few months there hasn’t been much to choose from other than chrysanthemums.  You would not have known that it was 40 degrees, cloudy and windy today by the look of the colorful bounty that I found at the florist.

My mother always had flowers in the house, lots of them from her amazing rose garden.  She had several rules for bringing the flowers inside that she imparted to me.

  • My mom didn’t like bouquets per say.  She more than often put only one kind and color of flower in a vase.  If she used more than one kind of flower they were the same color
  • She always put an odd number of stems in a vase
  • She never used filler and I remember she had a special hate for baby’s breath
  • She never put fragrant flowers near food.
  • She always had  gardenias in the powder room
  • If the stems were ugly she would line the inside of the clear vase with palm leaves

That being said, there doesnt need to be rules about flowers, its really hard to screw them up, they are so beautitful.

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