Summer’s Over

Far Side--gifted school
Obviously credit to Far Side here

Well, that is not actually true anywhere in the world.  It is especially true not here in Argentina where we are beginning the equivalent of February here.  But break is over and the kids start a new year at school tomorrow.  So no matter how many years we have lived here, in my mind August feels like the end of summer and its time to get back to school.

I always feel conflicted about break being over.  I am not a morning person so I have relished the late lazy mornings.  But the kids miss their friends and since most of them leave for the break six weeks of hanging out with siblings has been sufficient.   We all can use some structure in our lives.  I just wish it didn’t have to start so early in the day…

The kids are excited.  I could tell tonight when I was trying to get them to bed.  Georgie had her uniform (and the non authorized embellishments) out and ready for the morning.  Owen was busy packing  and repacking his backpack, double checking the contents with the supply list.  Callum has come downstairs no fewer than five times with various physical aliments and random thoughts,  I know he is excited.  Henry took a shower tonight which is as good as any indication that he is preparing himself for his first day of High School.

And while I am excited for them, I remember those nights before the first day back, I am not excited to set my daily alarm for 6:45..Yuck!

Apropos of nothing I have watched this several times and I don’t know what is more amazing, her eye makeup or the pregnant pause when responding to the claim she had a problem with the car driver who had a Muslim name..


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