New Spring Pots in time for Santa Rosa de Lima

Today was hot..unseasonably hot.  However, tomorrow that is all suppose to change and we will be getting the annual visit from the Tormenta de Santa Rosa.  Tormenta is the Spanish word for storm and there seems to always a big storm of rain, wind and snow in the mountains for 5 days before and after […]

Maybe better than Maradona

I know I have written a fair amount of  posts about soccer on this blog and you might be thinking “enough”.  If your only exposure to soccer has been taking you school age kid to a game at the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning to the town fields,   I don’t blame you.  […]

He was a good person

He was flawed and he suffered for it, but not enough for a lot of people who hated his family and his politics. The fact he was privileged and fought for the little guy left the haters with their only ammunition being a tragic mistake that he asked forgiveness for. It would be nice if […]

This is where I have been

I have had a really nice last few days.   The 16 hour car ride across desert and plains should have been optional, but it was all worth it.  It rained or snowed the entire time when we were at the house in Junin.  Which for someone like my hyperactive husband can be problematic (although he […]

Running away

For just a few days.  GM and I (sin chicos) are taking a mini break to the house in Patagonia.  We haven’t been since the beginning of February.  When we left it was the dog days of summer, when we arrive tomorrow it will be the waning, yet still harsh days of winter.  GM will […]

Another Beautiful Day in BA

We just finished up another (almost monthly) long weekend.   We got a taste of everything this past weekend as far as weather is concerned.  Saturday it was stuffy and humid and hot (27C/86F).  Saturday night the wind blew through and it rained and stormed (we have intense thunderstorms here, I love them) for hours on […]

Primavera and flowers

There are few things that make me has happy as flowers and fresh flowers in my house make me just plain giddy.  Today I went to La Casita (the local florist on the train tracks in my village) for flowers.  I was ecstatic to find that spring flowers were in the mix. For the last […]

Humpday Snack

When things get busy, like they have this week, I don’t always have time to research a new fabulous recipe off my favorite food site Tastespotting.  So today I went to an old standby and always a crowd-pleaser.  Embellished Brownies.  These are brownies out of a box that I play with the directions and then […]

The best weekend of baseball. EVER.

If you are a Yank  fan. And we are.  GM, Owen and myself hardcore.  Cal and Henry are enthusiastic fans.  Georgie not so much. The Yanks swept the Red Sox in 4 games.  This is after having being swept by them for the last 2 series.  The highlight was the win Friday night.  Even if […]

I think we might have hit the crazy ceiling

Well Sarah and Michelle are working overtime this vacation.  Tag teaming Obama on the “Death Panel”.  Funny cant seem to find anything about the “Death Panel” in  reputable sources dealing with the Health Care legislation and proposals that are be discussed right now.  I guess if you are good at putting on makeup you are […]

5 design trends that need to

When I am not reading political blogs I am reading interior design blogs.  This morning I was looking at one such blog and the post was a house tour of a designer’s home.  Parts of it were gorgeous but my eyes started bleeding at the sight of the “Keep calm” poster.  Its a nice sentiment […]

Summer’s Over

Well, that is not actually true anywhere in the world.  It is especially true not here in Argentina where we are beginning the equivalent of February here.  But break is over and the kids start a new year at school tomorrow.  So no matter how many years we have lived here, in my mind August […]

No broken bones

Compared to our last big ski vacation this past week’s  ski vacation to  Chile was a cakewalk!  No follow-up visits to orthopedic surgeons needed. The stars lined up perfectly for this holiday.  The weather was tremendous..we had 5 out of 7 days of spectacular sunshine.  We arrived after a big snow storm and schools had […]