Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, you have been pwnd!

Here he is getting pwnd.

And here just being an asshat.

These guys really are a endless well of hilarity.  Got to love em.  I am streaming the hearings.  There is nothing to in BA since everyone is staying at home except for important stuff like shopping for food and apparently for me, getting your hair colored.

I find the hearings fascinating.  The rules of order make it seem almost campy plus there is so much bullshit and double talk it is really great theater.  I am sick I know but I must admit when I was 11 years old, I watched the Watergate Hearings on TV.  It was the Spring/Summer 1973 and we had just moved from San Francisco to suburban Cleveland (it wasn’t that bad, really).  I spent quite a few days during the summer of 1973 watching some of the 319 hours of  television that made up those hearings.  I remember that the three main networks (NBC, ABC and CBS) took turns broadcasting the hearings every three days. That way they didn’t interrupt the soap opera schedule too much.   If you missed it during the day you could watch it on PBS at night which I did sometimes with my mom and dad. (Loser)

What I didn’t remember,  until I read this, was that exactly a year passed between the time those hearings ended in August 1973 and when Nixon resigned in August 1974, just as the Senate was set to impeach him.  I don’t remember many details.  I was aware that John Mitchell, the Attorney General, had a nutty wife.  Nixon’s secretary had some technical issues with tape recordings.  There was a articulate and passionate priest/congressman that my dad really liked. Senator Sam Ervin had a great voice. And when John Dean testified everyone watched.  I probably saw that twice.

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