What the hell is going on?


There are news cycles when stories just telescope on each other and things get weirder and wilder.  The last few weeks have been like that, so action packed with political revolutions, coups, a slew of celebrity deaths including one super icon and another, regular icon, and then for dessert you get an extremely large serving of inept republicans bordering on bizarro world.  Its enough to make your head spin and while exciting, as a voracious news consumer, its exhausting, and I am watching/listening to  a Yankees baseball game almost everyday too! Not to mention, as well, several meals a day for the childrens.

So I was looking forward to the weekend when not only is there generally less content but its the weekend for God’s sake and a long weekend in the States.  Since I am living in Argentina, and the one Fourth of July celebration that was happening in BA was canceled because of the swine flu (another post), I don’t have picnic and parades to keeping me off the internets… Sarah Palin resigned!

What is it about Sarah Palin people  see her as a viable political leader?  I just don’t get it.  When she opens her mouth its beauty pageant Q&A..no substance AT ALL….  I see her personal story compelling and soap opera like at times so I get the media’s interest in her, but how does that translate to a politician with policy credentials.  I think our society is getting dangerously close to equating a telephotogenic person with a buzz,  as a leader.   OK, sounds a bit like Obama.  But please, he has cred, street and policy.  He did not need to be jacked up by some Eliza Doolittle operation to make him substantial.  I think that’s what we are looking at here.  I think Bill Kristol needed a job and now he has one as Henry Higgins.  This would all be so delicious if it wasn’t so frickin scary.

Paul Begala, me hearts him, wrote a piece that nails it.   I love reading him because he witty without being satire.  This is a solid opinion editorial that understands the historical and political context of what he writes.  Excellent and Funny.

Here is a thoughtful and measured  piece by a student on the ground in Tehran, while clearly depressed about the lull in participation by the masses, clearly this isnt over.

Bob Herbert  wrote this interesting op-ed about how Michael Jackson’s weird reality is analogous to our culture’s inability deal with society’s real problems head on.

And finally, the Yankee’s play of the week, chosen, by Owen, the O’Connell Family’s MLB expert and archivist of all obscure baseball stats.


About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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  1. Bernie

    From another American expat in Argentina: What Sarah Palin has, is honest leadership ability, demonstrated as a mayor and as a governor. What Barry has is a large following of uncritical people who are attracted to superficial good looks and vague, feel-good insipidities. Barry has most of the media to bury his mistakes. What Sarah Palin also has are enemies on the Left who fear and loathe her because she is too good for them to stomach, as the existential threat to them that she is. If one gets their political information from the mass media, fed primarily by the New York Times (soon to be bankrupt), they stay wrapped in a protective coocoon of lies. And, it’s trendy and kool for the insipid ones, so bring on more American Idol! while the leftists try to turn the United States into another version of Argentina. This will not happen, of course, because 2010 and 2012 will show how real Americans have awakened to the threat.

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