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This is going to be a  more than usual self-indulgent post.  While my posts are generally personal,  I hope that sometimes, they are observations or stories that touch on something relevant to the reader.   This post might not.  Its about me and my house project.  Now that we have closed the store, and Barbara has left, I have all sorts of time on my hands.  So I have been spurned on by some very organized and design oriented life style blogs.  One of my favorites is Chez Larsson.  Very simple clean and efficient aesthetic.  I also like her very practical ideas for organizing all the stuff in your life.

So I am ready to get my house in shape.  Fortunately, I don’t have to do tons to the house to live comfortably.  But I do want to make it our home.  So that means painting, some decorating, and throwing out a lot of crap, and organizing what is left.  We live in a 1922 Spanish Colonial Revival.  The house has 18 inch walls, terracotta tiled roof and lots of original iron work.  It has great bones.  Lucky for me.  I get to do the fun stuff.

brasil 2009 276Here are some photos of my first organizing project.  A coatroom.  I don’t have a before. Original to the space is the large Brazilian armoire, and the stainless steel hat rack/coat hook apparatus.(see last photo)  I hated it when we first moved in and wanted to replace with floor to ceiling built in coat closets with shelf storage above and below.  But the hooks work so well for the kids.  They are able to have three or four coats available, see them, and the best part, they can hang them up all by themselves.  Yeah!

I had the shoe bench made that runs the length of the left wall.  There are four dividers so it doesn’t become a shoe fest and evolve into a unmanageable pile of shoes.  On the right side I had two shelving units made.  One is a cubby box, so that each kid has a place for their backpack, swim bag and shoe bag (for futbol).  The other is a two shelf unit where we store smaller sports equipment in metal boxes (without the tops).

brasil 2009 274

brasil 2009 275 There is a box for balls, baseball gloves, and futbol shin guards and gloves.  There is a metal basket for knit caps that rarely get worn, a picnic blanket and etc…  In the big armoire there are tennis rackets, baseball  bats and misc other stuff. It does a pretty good job of keeping it all contained.  Of course the challenge is getting the kids (and GM, who is the worst!) to put their backpacks away, shoes under the bench and coats hung.  I say we do well 75% of the time.

There are a few things I would like to do to finish off the space.  It will be painted soon, a sort of adobe red, or pepper color.(SW 7589 Habanero Red)  I would like to hang three pendant lights like these in this long narrow space (its 12 feet long) and I am going to try to do a project I saw somewhere with colorful striped 2×3 rag rugs.  You you darn several of them together with a fun colored yarn to make a runner, cheap.  So there is my little story of domestic activity for today.  I know it might not look like much (the photos dont help) but I am pleased with it.

brasil 2009 277

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