First, a cute picture of Georgie.  Snuggly in her ski sweater and Grateful Dead ski headband.  I don’t think she realizes the  teddy bears are rainbowy and dancing because they are hallucinating.  She doesn’t need to know that. This morning we had Michael Jackson 101.  We watched all his greatest hit videos and some old […]

Mi Casa

This is going to be a  more than usual self-indulgent post.  While my posts are generally personal,  I hope that sometimes, they are observations or stories that touch on something relevant to the reader.   This post might not.  Its about me and my house project.  Now that we have closed the store, and Barbara […]

My head is pounding

I am the mother of four and I have slogged through many a Disney extravaganza.  Be it a princess or digitally animated  movie, I have seen them all at least twice thanks to video.  These days we have graduated to HSM1,2,3 and Teen Band flicks for Georgi and non-stop action flicks that are more like […]

It looks like Michael Jackson is dead

Its a big news day..postmortem on Sanford presser, Farrah Fawcett dies:(, political movement to comprise in Iran and  just now Michael Jackson could be dead.  AND a Yankee/Atlanta Braves game at 8:05..Jeeezzzz, its a busy night. I am sitting next to my nine year old watching CNN/FOX/BBC coverage while explaining to him who Micheal Jackson […]

I just met a girl named Maria

I don’t know why this story cracks me up so much.  I am sure it is not so funny to his wife and four beautiful boys.  I am not feeling so bad for Governor Mark Sanford though.  What a monster of a hypocrite he has turned out to be.   He was a vocal part of […]

Daddy’s Day Brunch

This year’s Father’s Day started last night when Callum, Owen and I made a Cinnabon facsimile to be eaten this morning  for brunch.  We made the linked recipes up to the point of slicing the rolls and putting them in the pan for baking .  We put the pan in the refrigerator overnight and then […]

Feliz Dia Papa

Unfortunately, my dad is gone, but not forgotten. I have great memories of a really good, solid, loving, eccentric, funny, demanding and adventursome father.  If he hadn’t settled down, fell in love with my Mom and had 6 kids..he would have been a freight train hopper or furniture maker or gold-miner or oil painter or […]

Twitter is good for sumpin’

I don’t use Twitter, I barely use my Facebook, and I just don’t have enough time to add another thing in my life taking up space and making me feel guilty due to neglect.  Plus I don’t have a fancy PDA, Blackberry or IPhone..while they do exist in Argentina, I certainly don’t need one here […]

You take the good with the bad

I am exhausted.  I haven’t slept well in the last week.  Its has been a week full of late dinners, afternoons full of children’s parties and on Sunday it all culminated in one last asado.  It  was a last supper of sorts, I know that may be hyperbole and offensive to some, but it was […]

Argentina has a Fabulous Flag

Today we are celebrating “Flag Day” or “Dia de la Bandera” in Argentina.  The actual day is really the 20th of June, but in the last year or so, the Argentines have gotten hip to the idea of  celebrating federal holidays during the work week, specifically Monday.  Today Argentines  are celebrating their beautiful and unique […]

UPDATED: The Argentine Mullet

I wrote this post years ago (literally). Its is my most viewed post and just yesterday it got over 40 hits, weird…So I thought I would take a look at it again and I was sorry to see that the link to some great mullet photos was no longer active.  I found a new one […]