Required Eating with Kid’s review

I am a bit behind on my healthy snack posts.  So here are two of the last baking projects I endeavored.

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First up was a really easy raspberry muffin recipe from a great cooking site that happens to be vegetarian, Picky Cook.  I subbed whole wheat flour for regular and did add in extra cinnamon.  I used frozen raspberries and smashed them up in a plastic ziplock and they worked fine.  My raspberries weren’t particularly sweet so I  added a white sugar based streusel (1/4 cup white sugar, 2 tbsp each cold butter and flour) that I sprinkled on top before baking.  I thought they were yummy.


Last week I made this Roasted Banana Cake with Brown Butter Icing  for the kids.  It’s really too good for the childrens.  It was a lot of work but worth the effort. I didn’t mess with this recipe much, just used whole wheat flour instead of white.  Dont take short cuts and omit the banana roasting or butter browning, it wont be the same.   If you served a slice (2 triangles would look nice) with good quality vanilla ice cream and drizzle with dulce de leche, you would have a dinner party worthy dessert.  I found this recipe at another real quality food blog called On My Plate.  I have pirated her photography, which is very good, just like her dessert.

Callum Says: The muffins were too messy and sour.  They would be better if the raspberry had been fresh. (2 1/2 chocolate bars)   But the banana bread was totally different.   Both the cake and icing were super  sweet and moist. (4 chocolate bars)


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