Feeling like crap

In the last 72 hours I have been battling every digestive disorder known to man.  While I can conquer the run of the mill flu or sinus infection in 24, I was laid out by this stomach bug for the last three days.  I slept through most of it but lets just say, it sucked.  […]

The Sunday Paper

I always go first to Frank Rich, this week is no exception.  Which came first  torture or the Iraqi War? In case you havent heard, Wednesday is the 100th day of Obama’s administration.  There are lots of articles about what he has done and hasnt done.The Nation has a series of articles.  Its obviously complicated, they […]

Lost in Translation

This is a photo from last year’s Halloween parade at the kid’s school.  This spectacular costume is being worn by a 7 year old.  While this child is totally fluent in English, clearly the parents aren’t.  It happens.  Only the  native English speaking people over 13 years old were stunned by the reference to oral sex.    […]

HumpDay BarDay (kid reviewed by Callum)

 Wednesday is baked treat day at our house.  In an effort to eat more sanely, we have instituted Wednesday as the one day of the week when the kids are greeted by a butter and sugar laden concoction often enhanced with chocolate.  The rest of the week they need to be happy with nuts, fruits, […]

I have been thinking…

I have been thinking about really committing to writing.  I have thought making this blog part of the process of writing better.  I have thought about how to make this blog more fun.  I dont know how exactly you would characterise this blog.  Political, cultural, and personal. I thought about what blogs I enjoy reading.  […]