America the beautiful

                What a day!   We don’t have TV at our Patagonia house so we invited ourselves to the house of some Americans that spend 5 months a year in Junin fishing and relaxing.  They have DirectTV.  It ended up to be quite the celebration.  The food theme was American..BBQ chicken, […]

My dog likes rocks

We have two dogs: a four year old German Shepherd and her 6 month old son. Osa and Tevez. Osa means bear and she looked like a little one (Osita) when she became part of our life. Tevez is a more unorthodox name for a pet here in Argentine in that his namesake is a villa […]

Things I have actually said to my kids

Ice cream is a privledge,  not a right As soon as I have had my coffee, I am going to kill you We are going to drive you out to the desert and leave you there* This is not working out for me, we have to send you back to the orphange Four is just […]

Stop the magic, please

I love Santa Claus and for the sake of cultural assimilation we celebrate Three King’s Day too. But I have had it with Raton Perez. In a period of two weeks, Along with Christmas and Three King’s duty, I have had to approximate three different visits from Raton Perez (and one was on Christmas Eve”). […]

Just because this will sooth my need to make things whole

Most who know me would describe me as relaxed, laidback, unflappable or in my husband’s opinion, sleep-walking. I am in reality, anal and neurotic about a few things. There needs to be the appearance of order, it doesn’t have to be real, but I want it to look nice and neat and have continuity. Its […]