Happy Anniversary Crappy Blogger

Its actually been a bit more that a year since I started writing this blog in earnest, and its an effort that leaves something to be desired. I guess I am a bit disappointed that I haven’t written more consistently and more creatively. There were times were I really enjoyed the writing, and was happy about what I wrote. I guess inspired would be the word. But more often, it was part of an exercise of writing everyday in order to flex my writing muscles. But I guess those muscles don’t come naturally to me nor am I motivated to build them. That’s disappointing, to me personally, because that was what this was all about. I am doing this for me.

Living here in Argentina, I spend a fair amount of my free time on the Internet. I am addicted to certain mega blogs that are political. I stream a lot of radio (Stephanie Miller and the Young Turks) and get all my news from reading the NYT, WaPo and LAtimes online. I also read a half a dozen personal blogs. Several are friends and it is a way to stay in touch with the daily lives of friends that live far away. But there are two that I came across on the Global Dashboard at WordPress that I have been reading for the last several months. They are both written by women, both well written, and both express ideas and values so diametrically opposed to me and interestingly enough, each other.

One is written by a women who was a passionate Hillary supporter and is among the minority that came out of the primaries a vehement Obama HATER. While, I would argue with her reasoning and the”facts” she provides to validate her perspective, she does present her opinions effectively. I have made comments contrary to what she has to say and the response is pretty ugly. Let just say she is very passionate about hating Obama and she is a bit of a mama bear about anyone who disagrees. She is entitled. Its her blog.

The other blog is written by a young mom who is writing from Texas where I gather her husband is a farmer. She is a committed Catholic who is focused on the pro-life issue of abortion. I tried to engage her a conversation opening the dialog to the other pro-life issues like poverty, war and the death-penalty. She was having none of it. Each time we conversed, she presented me with more and more obscure theological arguments for why abortion was the biggest evil. She has subsequently moved on to the “socialist” tact, which I find extremely naive and not worthy commenting on. I wonder if her husband receives farm subsidies?

The point of all this, is that these women are committed to their blogs. They write daily, if not more, and are consistent in their voice. They know what they want their blog to be and are doing it. And while I couldn’t disagree with them more, I respect them and if I was honest, am a bit envious of their successful blogs. Something to aspire to I guess, or not.

I am very fortunate that my life is full of happy (if not demanding) children, a spouse who has provided us with this amazing and exciting life through travel and adventure ( and who I do love so much) and friends near and far that make me feel whole. So why am I feeling sorry for myself? Because its a luxury I can afford, but I need to get over myself. OK. Done.

About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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  1. lindyborer

    Hey, Elizabeth. Thanks for the link to my blog.

    Just for an explanation, if your readers are interested in seeing our dialogue, I’d encourage them to read it for themselves. (this would be found in my posts from the first week in October, or thereabouts.)

    I don’t think that my pro-life arguments were “obscure” in the least. You stated that you were Catholic, and I referred you to some very clear teachings of the Church on abortion. I felt really good about our communication; I thought we were finding common ground. I suppose I was wrong.

    Just because I am pro-life does not mean that I ignore other life issues such as those you mention. But I believe (as does the Church), that life is foundational; if one doesn’t believe that life itself must be protected, then all other issues are moot. Abortion represents a societal hemhorrage. If someone’s femoral artery was severed, and they also had a headache, would you give them an aspirin first? Of course not, you’d put a tourniquet on that thing!

    I think that it’s important to prioritize. If a candidate does not respect life itself, then that says a lot about their character. My opinion, of course. Often, if you get the foundation right, the walls and the roof are better, as well.

    As for my focusing on Obama’s apparent socialist agenda, why is that naive? Why is it not okay for concerned citizens to question a political candidate’s economic stances?

    Subsidies for farmers….of course we take them; we must if we’re to make it. If we didn’t, the playing field would be so uneven that we’d go under. Do we think they’re a good idea? No. But, as my husband says, his first responsibility is to take care of his wife and children, and therefore he does what he must.

    I just wanted to chime in. I continue to regard you with respect and goodwill.



  2. lindyborer

    I guess it all depends upon whether one looks at the whole picture. Obama has surrounded himself with socialist ideologues for years (Alinsky, Ayers, Farrakhan, Frank Marshall Davis…the list goes on.) Then, when you hear him talking about spreading the wealth and income redistribution, you start to wonder: What is his ultimate goal? It’s not simply a matter of the here and now; it’s what he apparently wants to institute in the future if he is elected.

    I thought this did a fairly good job highlighting the continuum you outlined above, especially the author’s response about the differences between tax systems: http://federalist.wordpress.com/2008/09/09/is-obama-a-socialist/. (Don’t worry, this person seems pretty fair.)

    In other words, it explains a bit where the line is drawn between capitalism (or quasi-capitalism) and outright socialism.

    Isn’t it always a continuum, though? I mean, if someone wanted to rid the USA of capitalism, they’d have to start somewhere, right? Obama seems to want to start us down that road, and many people are concerned about it, and are worried that he doesn’t just want to stop at two standard deviations, but all the way over. Sorry, I don’t think it’s naive to question it. Many people would like to move back…left in this case. : )

    (I think it’s incredible that the mainstream media isn’t objective enough to look into it as well. Time better spent than villifying Joe the plumber for asking a good question.)

    And, if you look into Marxism, it is ALL based on socialist policies. No silliness here, just fact.

  3. this comment has no gravitas compared to the above exchange, but i just wanted to say i’ve always enjoyed your blog and wry wit, elizabeth. i hope you keep writing!

  4. Would it help you to know that I have been following this blog for a long time? (maybe since you started?) I have your RSS feed posted on my iGoogle page and I scan for new post all the time. Your writing is great! Perfect prose, and writing muscle or not! It’s always felt like it’s been from the heart.

    I have tried to get Wife Mary to start reading your posts, but alas, she is not yet an internet junkie like me. Maybe I’ll start sending your posts to her via e-mail, she’s pretty good about reading that. (hmm not a bad idea!)

    Anyhoo.. I’ve got to agree with Weda (above) – please keep writing – I really do enjoy it. Who knows how many people are reading?

    For fun (and maybe inspiration) you might want to check in on my friend Steven – he is also a Wilton transplant, blogging to an unkown quantity of mystery readers out there in cyberspace….


    Keep writing!

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