It’s so nasty out there

I am amazed at the hatred and bitterness I observe on political blogs by some Hillary supporters. It is hate directed at Obama, his surrogates, his supporters, media and especially a blogger who is remotely critical of Hillary or positive of Obama. The verbal abuse (it does go both ways) was heating up towards the end of the primaries and once the RBC met, the gloves were off.

This weekend it hit an all time low with really mean-spirited comments being left about Tim Russert. The guy has just died, and while he was not my favorite journalist I will respect his memory and the people who love him, and keep silent of any criticism that I could have. Its called human decency.

I understand why these supporters are reeling from the lose of an epic battle that was the democractic primary election 2008. After the 2000 and 2004 general election I could have been bitter and moved to Canada. Well actually, that is not a good example because in 2003 we did move to Argentina. Al Gore was a gracious loser, who played by, and respected the rules. I took his example and conceded to Bush, and vowed to fight harder the next time. In 2004, I was disappointed when Kerry emerged and Howard Dean faded and demoralized by Kerry’s eventual loss. I don’t remember in all of this LOSING, telling people, I didn’t know, that they were disingenuous, stupid, cult members or trolls.

What I am not understanding is the intensity of meanness. Again, I don’t really no what the numbers are as there has already been some movement of women in the polls to Obama. However, some of the disenfranchized are pissed off enough for 10 people. They have three main arguments as to why they will NEVER EVER vote for Obama.

  • Process related: She won the popular vote, caucuses should not count, the Florida and Michigan delegates were stolen
  • Sexism/Racism: She was victim of media and Obama campaign sexist attacks and Obama campaign played the race card against her, and he had affiliations that would reflect possible black racism
  • Barack Obama is unfit for office of president: Because of the above, inexperience, lack of substance and “dont know what Obama stands for, character is questionable”

I have no sympathy for the Process related argument. There are rules as to how we elect our presidents. Some are in the Constitution and some the political parties make. There are processes and protocol for questioning or changing these rules. I would argue that if Hillary did think the nominee being pick by accumulating delegates through primaries, caucuses and superdelegates, she should have tried to change the rules before she lost. Its like the electoral college. Every general election cycle we talk about how archaic this part of our constitution is, and we never do anything about it.

Undoubtedly, sexism was a challenge Clinton dealt with during this campaign. Is that why she lost? No. Is is Obama’s fault? No. Did Obama lose because he was black? Oh, wait..he didnt lose, he won.

There is a lot of stuff about how he is not qualified to be president. This line of reasoning quickly degenerates to his affiliations and his “ambigious” religious background rendering him “unfit”. Wow, that is quite a judgement to make without there being any facts involved! There are a whole set of rumors (smears) that have gone viral and are stated as fact by many commenters. Obama supporters can be sensitive on the boards too, but not to the degree of spreading smears, that they know arent true. My personal favorite because it it so stupid, is that he has not presented a birth certificate and he is refusing because he 1) was born before Hawaii was a state and is lying about his age 2) Was actually born in Kenya and has no birth certificate 3) His parents were not married. He has infact submitted one (not required to) and it was scanned and making the rounds.

I hope people can grow up and move on.


About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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