It’s so nasty out there

I am amazed at the hatred and bitterness I observe on political blogs by some Hillary supporters. It is hate directed at Obama, his surrogates, his supporters, media and especially a blogger who is remotely critical of Hillary or positive of Obama. The verbal abuse (it does go both ways) was heating up towards the […]

Its like being prom queen of the world

It’s so great being the most popular kid in the class. Everyone loves America. We know how to treat our friends and piss off our enemies. I don’t think our reputation could be much worse. Maybe, soon they will have less reason to hate us, not that we are proactively doing anything about it. Our […]

I hear you might not be feeling well…

I hope you get better soon.  We actually have some stuff in common…You went to Shakers Heights High, I went to Shaker Heights High.  You live in Fairfield County, I lived in Fairfield County.  You met my Dad through DNC related activities, I knew my Dad….  You are a great actor and a person who […]

I dont have the words

Since Tuesday, I have been reading a lot of post game analysis of the primaries, the speeches from Tuesday and the aftermath.  There is a lot of speculation on the battle ahead against McCain, the VP selection and how do we get Hillary’s most rabid supporters to support Obama.  But I will let the better […]

The Ponzi Scheme hits rural Argentina

This weekend was a killer. Yesterday was the RBC meeting where the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegations were decided. I watched the CSPAN coverage. It was kind of entertaining. There were some funny moments. I thought the highlight was when Donna Brazile, who is so impressive, delivered in a manner only she can, […]