Can we impeach the President already?


Like now. Breaking laws about laws. Seems pretty concrete and not too complicated. Emptywheel does a good run down of this latest round of egregious sins and the video is below. Right on Senator Whitehouse.

Here is a link for the second part of his speech

If that’s not enough for you, there were two more revelations this week. Its had been the contention of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) that there have been over 5 million emails missing from the White House that were written and sent during the period of 2003-2005 (Iraq War, Valerie Plame, Abu Ghraib, 2004 election). CREW revised that number this week by doubling it to now 10 million. These are technically missing (convenient!?), not deleted, unlike the video of some CIA interrogations that also made news this week.

It is an interesting story in that the CIA has admitted that it deleted harsh interrogations of terror suspects, and of course Bush doesn’t recall being informed that it was being done. The CIA had even conferred with Jane Harman, Senior Democrat on the House of Representatives Intelligence committee at the time. She had asked the CIA’s top lawyer in February 2003 not to destroy any recordings after being briefed on the interrogations. What we do know is that even under the broadest definition of the law, destroying evidence is illegal, technically obstruction of justice. Senator, Dick Durbin as requested the DOJ (a little ironic?!) to open a probe into the matter.

And then there is the continued saga of the NIE report. There are so many disturbing facts and lessons unlearned with the potential run up to war with Iran. Keith Olbermann does a good job of eviscerating the administration on this topic in his special comment”.

Until then..and his long overdue comeuppance takes place, we will just need to satisfy ourselves with these:

and lastly, an immature but surprisingly satisfying game –


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