Photos from Halloween

Here are photos from yesterday. MIA is Henry, who is almost 12 year old and recently has become a non-cooperative photo subject. He was a New York Yankee..His hair is a bit long to play for the Boss’s club but you will just have to trust me he is a cute ballplayer. His younger brothers and sister embraced Halloween in a big way and were happy to have the day documented.


Georgie IS Tinkerbell, spunky, cute, and sometimes naughty. One difference is Georgie is most definitely not mute.


Callum was quite proud of this costume and was very comfortable wearing it and playing the part. What was the part? Well, despite being alternatively confused for Peter Pan or a Lord of the Rings character, he was Link, of Zelda. It’s a video game, Duh!


Owen was “Roy”. When he told me he wanted to be “Roy” from Mario Smash Brothers (another Nintendo video game), I thought he said Thor. Which would make sense given “Roy’s” appearance. But no, this swordsman’s Mommy named him “Roy”. Anywhoo, Owen was also very happy with his handmade costume and when we went out Trick or Treating he was armed with a serious looking sword. You just have to believe me, Owen was “Roy”.

About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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  1. Napo

    Elizabeth , good to know you and the kids are doing well down there in Buenos Aires.Say hello to GM.
    Your ex-Spanish teacher from CT.

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