Coming to and Living and Shopping in Amerika

Haven’t written for awhile because I have been stupid busy. I was in Miami for a week at the beginning of the month, back inBsAs for a week and then company came and then we went to Junin for Thanksgiving break. I have been wanting to write about my trip to Miami but just couldn’t […]

Worth A Read

More highlights of Argentina’s continued domination of the South American elimination games for 2010 Copa Mundial. This is one of two goals from Riquelme. Watch the whole piece..its a sick goal – Argentina/Bolivia If you are an educator your might consider The Southern Law Poverty Center‘s simple but effective way to encourage tolerance and social […]

A kitten to hold you over

I am back and will have a post soon, until then a cute kitten. And no, I am not a cat lady but in fact my husband makes sport of hating cats. So this, like everything I do, is for him.

Is Bush Intelligent?(part three of seven)

Time to evaluate Bush’s Kinesthetic Intelligence. A person with good kinesthetic abilities processes knowledge through bodily sensations. This is someone who is athletic and a good dancer. Here is a comparative study of a dry drunk who I wish was ancient history and a dreamboat that I would love to see in the White House. […]

Photos from Halloween

Here are photos from yesterday. MIA is Henry, who is almost 12 year old and recently has become a non-cooperative photo subject. He was a New York Yankee..His hair is a bit long to play for the Boss’s club but you will just have to trust me he is a cute ballplayer. His younger brothers […]