I was going to write about the presidential campaign here in Argentina that is in full swing now with the elections happening on the 28th of October. However, that piece will have to wait until I have shared this with you.


High School Musical on Ice (nice shoes,dude)

If you are not the parent of a child (most likely a girl) between the ages of 4-13, there is no way you can relate to and understand how disturbing this phenomenon is. Why complicate your life this way? I would strongly suggest to skip this piece all together. I would not want to be responsible for a bad night of sleep.

The promotional push by Disney on T.V. and the billboards (effective advertising here) was not lost on Georgie. “Its my birthday, I want to see Sharpay ice skate!” Hard to argue with that, so I did get tickets. Instead of copping out and sending her with Jenny (nanny and chief operating officer), I decided that this would be a good mother-daughter thing to do. But not alone, I would need another adult to talk to and snark about it with. Enter friend Ariela who is also celebrating a birthday and her mom Iliana.

The girls have the right attitude. They look their best (in case they meet Troy?!). In fact, Georgie has accessorized with some of my jewelry (nasty habit she has) and a paper tiara with stick-on jewels. She looks great. Ariela is playing it a little less glitzy and more elegant in a coordinating skirt and sweater. Ariela is Lauren Bacall to Georgie’s Liza Minelli. They are excited and despite Georgie being told viciously by her brothers that Troy and Gabriella are not real and definitely are not figure skaters, Georgie still wants to believe.

And I think she did, until she saw Sharpay’s face up close (disadvantage of front row seats, takes away some of the Disney Magic). “She looks weird and she is not singing for real, Mommy.” Her face looks weird because she is 35 years old, at least, and she is not singing because she is doesn’t seem to be even trying to lip sync. Maybe this is because she is preoccupied with keeping it together with the ice skating. Its got to be a tough job ice skating with 30 other people on a piece of ice the size of a large swimming pool, but she could memorized the words to the songs. Jesus, I know the words to the songs, sadly. But even worse, when there is dialog broadcast over the loudspeaker in Spanish, she doesn’t even try to follow it. It looks like she is talking to herself. She is not the only one in the cast who isn’t making an effort with the Spanish. One notable exception is the girl who plays Gabriella who actually looks like the character she is playing (albeit with the help of a wig). She appears to be Latina so I am sure that helps, but I am not sure why she appears to be on quaaludes. Gabriella is not suppose to be as dynamic as Sharpay. She is cute and sweet but if you lit a fire under her ass, this Gabriella just might sit on it.

On the other hand, there were some good things about the production. I forgive Troy for his blond receding hairline because he was the best skater of the bunch and he had that more typical, happy Disney enthusiasm. And the rest of the cast smiled a lot and exaggerated their dance moves very nicely. After living here for the last 4 years, I have come to appreciate the production values and quality that come with a Disney show or Disney anything for that matter. The costumes and staging were great. There were some pyrotechnics and special effects that made it special, and even the concessions were of considerably better quality than what you would expect from here. The show was a tight 1:45 minutes with an intermission (long enough to buy a teddy bear dressed as a cheerleader) and the perfect length for the girls. The best part was that the girls loved it, Iliana probably more (she is a closet figure skating fan) and it was a really nice thing to do with our daughters, despite Sharpay’s face.

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