My Life in Halloweens

I remember my Halloween career having three distinct eras. The first era was the cute school-age Halloweens. My mother or my sister made beautiful custom tailored costumes. While I secretly coveted the costumes that came it the box from the Woolworths, I knew that I looked spectacular and that my mom really loved me. I […]

Cristina Kirchner is not Dennis Kucinich

After reading the coverage of yesterday’s election here in Argentina, I was surprised at the tone of what I read, especially on progressive blogs. Much of the coverage focused on the Cristina Kirchner’s populist style and socialist political leanings and what a great thing that was. Yes, she appeals to the masses in her speeches […]

If you are a visual person

  I found this on Crooks and Liars:  This is what $315 billion dollars looks like stacked up…the little dot at the bottom is a car.  The CBO is estimating that the occupation in Iraq may end up costing the U.S. $2.4Trillion.  So now multiply this little stack by 7. FUBAR to the 10th.

Worth A Read

Its been five years since his death. There can never be too many tributes to Paul Wellstone, this one is a video by a former student of Paul’s, who now is a teacher, and her students – The Magic Green School Bus Three new books out on Hugo Chavez; Revolutionary, Demagogue or Castro wannabe? Read […]


When we moved here almost 4 years ago from our home in suburban Connecticut, many friends and family didn’t get it. Because we chose to leave the country and move specifically to Argentina, it was incredulous to them that we were leaving our life in the States for apparently no economic upside and seemingly a […]

Is Bush Intelligent? (part 2 of 7)

This is going to be too easy…. How would you score Bush’s linguistic abilities? This ability would be measured by how effective the use of  language is when communicating. How does this strike you? Special thanks to Quiet Library for this treasure trove of stupidity.

Happy Birthday Callum!!!!

Wow..its was ten years ago that you were almost born in a car. You are a mystery to me. While your brothers and sister are so open and transparent and couldn’t lie if their life depended on it, I never know quite sure what is going on in your head. It must be funny, because […]

Feliz dia Mama

Today is Mother’s Day in Argentina.  Not unlike in the US,  it is a day marked by beautiful cards made by your children at school (and at gun point) and a family meal later in the day, usually at a restaurant.  To a lesser extent here, it can mean flowers and breakfast in bed, always […]

Is Bush Intelligent? (part one of seven)

Personally, I think he is an idiot, and a dangerous one. However, in deference to the truth and not just my very well informed opinion, lets see what we can find on the internet to defend my hypothesis…. According to Psychologist Howard Gardner, there are seven distinct types of intelligence. They are: Spatial Linguistic Logical/Mathematical […]

Worth a Read

I hope she is right – Annabelle Dickson I wonder if the right understands that we are laughing at them – NYT/Stephen Colbert Copa Mundial is less than three years away! – Argentina/Chile futbol Bill and Ann should get a room already – Newshounds Why I swear so much – The New Republic Blog Specialists […]

Presidential Politics – Argentine Style – The Players

There are fourteen official teams of presidential and vice presidential candidates running for the leadership of Argentina. Each of them running as the candidate of a different party, some of them in fact for more than one party. The cool thing here is if you run for office you start your own political party. I […]

Presidential Politics – Argentine Style- The Context

Its hard to know where to start with this. Even if the history and personalities involved were easy to define, the chaotic culture that has and does pervade the political scene is not. So the best I can do is try to give some background and identify the characters, and believe me, the word character […]


I was going to write about the presidential campaign here in Argentina that is in full swing now with the elections happening on the 28th of October. However, that piece will have to wait until I have shared this with you. High School Musical on Ice (nice shoes,dude) If you are not the parent of […]

Lost in a Bad Translation

One of our employees at the store has reasonable English, and because my Spanish is crap and she is studying tourism and is needing to practice her English on me, she more often than not speaks to me in English. I appreciate her effort and for the most part her knowledge of spoken English is […]

Will Friday be Goreday????

This is a question originally posed by lefty-communist-Osama loving DailyKos. I certainly hope that Al Gore wins the Nobel Peace Prize (its looking like he might) not only because he deserves it for 30+ years of ecological activism but because then he might run for president. Why you ask? I don’t know, maybe it is […]

Day one and $68p later

Today we opened the store. It was a lot of fun. We had quite a few people walk in and look around, despite the rain. I think there were a fair number of people shocked by the prices (it is expensive) but almost everyone told us how beautiful everything looked and and several neighbors, many […]