I am going to try this again

It has been awhile. I guess I was too ambitious when I originally started this. It wasn’t really a blog but more a series of essays about expat life in Argentina. The burden of making them perfect made me stay away. Also, I think at some point, everyone stops being a self conscious expat and just starts living without looking at each encounter, event and cultural awakening as something worth commenting on. At some point you just start living and inculcate the differences.

That is not to say I dont have moments when it is so painfully obvious that my expectations and the reality of how things do work (especially in business) exist in different worlds. But I have learned to take the good with the bad. While it is maddening sometimes to do business here, the trade off is that my non-professional life here is full of genuine kind people who get it that family and friends are more important than making a buck (and apparently any transparency when doing it).

So what will be blog be like now??? I think more of a rambling stream of consciousness, a journal of thoughts that will allow me to practice my writing. My idea is to make this more political and current. Lets see how this works…

About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

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