Yeah !!!!!Spring has arrived

After what has been the longest and coldest winter on record in Buenos Aires, I am happy to report that today really feels like winter has departed until at least next year. It is fresh with a breeze but the sun is doing its job. Big plans today to take the kids to the patio […]

Who are Bill and Rush in the big scheme of things???

I enjoy the sport of calling out right wing hypocrites as much as the next liberal, and God knows there has been a ton of material provided in the last few days by television psuedo pundits and journalists. However, it does take our eyes off the ball. The ball being the 101 more important things […]

Not much to say…just watch

Below find a story from CrooksandLiars and Bluegal. It really hits home for me the senseless loss of life this stupid war is responsible for. I guess the upside is that art is good for the soul and does a lot towards healing. But it is really all very unnecessary.

Why I shouldnt be depressed…

My Baby is going to be 5 years old tomorrow!! Hard to believe. Happy Birthday, Georgi you incredibly high maintenance force of nature. Our family hasn’t quite recovered from your arrival 5 years ago. You are kind of like the dog, it is hard to remember our simpler life that preceded you. Thats not to […]

Why I am depressed about the state of the world

After 6 years we are still in Iraq and Afghanistan After 9 months of a new Congress we don’t seem to be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan Its looking more and more like we are going into Iran Bush can inexplicably say “the Mandela is dead” in the middle of a press conference and no seems […]

I am going to try this again

It has been awhile. I guess I was too ambitious when I originally started this. It wasn’t really a blog but more a series of essays about expat life in Argentina. The burden of making them perfect made me stay away. Also, I think at some point, everyone stops being a self conscious expat and […]