Why must they do this?

I took my toddler daughter to her first cinema experience yesterday. I would say it was quiet successful. Georgie was excited, but not as excited as her brothers and I were for her.

We started off at McDonald’s for a little pre-cine nutrition. Although, not surprisingly, there was infinitely more interest in the toy than the food. Perhaps that is a good thing. Then we navigated away from the Disneyland E-ride worthy line and picked up our telephone bought tickets at will call. Paid less than $1.75US for a barrel of popcorn. (one of the many bargains that can be found here). Sat in the mostly empty theater and watched the universal slide show that tests your movie trivia skills. “Which actor did Richard Gere defend in the movie Primal Fear .. Answer: Edward Norton. Funny how my 5 and 8 year old didn’t know that. I waited until we were sitting in our seats and happily munching on our popcorn to forewarn Georgie that the previews would probably be loud but that once the Winnie the Pooh movie started it would not be so loud.

Well sure enough, the instant the previews started the entire audience practically jumped out of their seats let alone their skins. The audience, with a median age of 4, was forced to watch a French Connection-like chase scene telling us the evils of pirating movies. Georgie was definitely concerned but I talked her off the ledge and we managed to wince through 3 or 4 cellular phone commercial for the same company. Which funny enough, I cant remember the name of, not effective advertising. Five minutes into Georgie’s first movie experience we finally get to movie previews. Mercifully, the first one is a very funny and cute trailer for Chicken Little. All the kids are giggling. Next is a short but dark Harry Potter trailer that is borderline. Georgie starts squeezing me when some huge dragon like monster appears to incinerate a group of children. Believe it not the worst is yet to come…And this is why I ask, why must they do this? Why put a scary, aggressive and violent preview with a Winnie the Pooh movie? Kungfusion, while might be entertaining for adults, is not appropriate for my 2 year-old daughter. She especially didn’t like the scene where some guy gets stabbed with a knife in his arm, and then another guy takes the knife out and puts it back in, stabbing him a second time. I am not sure what was more disturbing, the fact my Barney-fed daughter saw this or that it is played as a joke. Fortunately, the joke was lost on the kids.

Fortunately, we were able to put his all behind us and enjoyed a sweet, peaceful Winnie the Pooh movie that had no stealing or stabbing or Matrix-like plot turns. Or least I assumed it didn’t. Thankfully, they turned down the volume for Pooh and I had a nice nap.


About Elizabeth

Wife and mother of four. This blog is personal, political and hopefully relevant with a sense of humor. I got to have a sense of humor with the tough crowd I deal with everyday, and they cant even vote, drink or drive.

6 Responses

  1. Jennie Reb

    Elizabeth, I linked to your blog from the “Conversations” site. I enjoyed your response on the Katrina Help posting. After reading your blog, it’s obvious that you are an intelligent and witty person. Keep writing, it’s very interesting to read about your life in Argentina.


  2. http://movingtoargentina.typepad.com

    Hi Elizabeth, I’m originally from Connecticut too and we share almost the same about Buenos Aires except that we’re getting ready to move there. I appreciated your post on another blogger’s site about being able to bring your belongings in without a residency visa and using certain a certain “very expensive” company to get the visa!
    Drop me an email, I’d like to chat with you.

  3. Emily

    Elizabeth, I read a post you left on another Blog about medical treatment in Argentina. I am writing an article about medical tourism and was wondering if I could quote you about the health care in Argentina being better than in America. My email address is emstar12@aol.com. Thank you. I find your blog about life in Argentina very interesting.

  4. The Alex

    As a parallel Argentinean cinema experience, when we went to see Land of the Dead (R-rated zombie film) in Mendoza, our enjoyment was somewhat reduced by a load of kids running around and shouting. Why do parents bring their kids to see things like this? Why does the cinema even let them in?! From the title alone, it’s pretty obvious it’s not a kiddy-flick!

    I’m enjoying reading your blog, excellent stuff!

    PS: If you don’t want to get any more spam such as the above comments from “michelhunor685465435” and “markeriks5465416”, turn on the letter recognition thingy on Blogger:-) I was just considering turning mine off, then I saw the spam you’re getting and decided to leave it on!

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